Return information about the GUI environment.

Available in:

Apps (win) Apps (char) Reportwriter RPC Standalone PL


expr gui_info(option[,attr_name])
int           option
string        attr_name


Returns the GUI information requested based on the option value.
option specifies the information to be returned (all sizes are in pixels) and is defined in dv.h:
gui_info_ansi_XAnsi X size
gui_info_ansi_YAnsi Y size
gui_info_attrAttribute value (see below)
gui_info_button_XButton X size
gui_info_button_YButton Y size
gui_info_cell_XCell X size
gui_info_cell_YCell Y size
gui_info_field_XField font char X size
gui_info_field_YField font char Y size
gui_info_fixed_XFixed X size
gui_info_fixed_YFixed Y size
gui_info_garbageForce garbage collection and return estimated current memory usage
gui_info_ipctextReturns ipc text from client
gui_info_label_XLabel X size
gui_info_label_YLabel Y size
gui_info_system_XSystem font char X size
gui_info_system_YSystem font char Y size
gui_info_versionReturns client version as a string
gui_info_window_XScreen X size
gui_info_window_YScreen Y size


"gui_info_attr" returns the current value of any window attribute. This call requires a second parameter, attr_name, with the name of the desired attribute. All values are returned as a string. If the attribute is not defined, then an empty string is returned. See System.Windows.Controls Namespace for the available attributes.


At least one GUI window must have been opened before calling gui_info.


Return the ansi X size in pixels:
Return the DataGrid RowHeight: