Modifies dynamic window parameters.

Available in:

Apps (win) Apps (char) Reportwriter RPC Standalone PL


void gui_winmod(xml)
string          xml


Modifies certain window parameters. The xml string is similar to the optional xml string in the window function however it only operates on the currently active window. The xml string format is

<WINDOW TOP='pos' LEFT='pos' WIDTH='size' HEIGHT='size' UNITS='units' LKEYS='enum'/>

where 'pos' is either 'center' where the window is centered on the screen, or 'n', 'size' is either 'auto' where the window adjusts to fit its contents, or 'n', and 'units' is either 'cell' or 'pixel' (default). If 'n' is prefixed with '-' or '+', then 'n' is a delta applied to the window's current setting for that value; otherwise it is an absolute value.

LKEYS sets the keys that will be treated as local keys for any lists in that window that have the Local Keys attribute set. The key names must match the WPF Key enum. These definitions are found here: The key names may be prefixed with Alt+, Ctrl+, or Shift+ if desired.


Shrink the current window to fit the currently visible fields:
gui_winmod("<WINDOW WIDTH='auto' HEIGHT='auto'/>");