Saves a list.

Available in:

Apps (win) Apps (char) Reportwriter RPC Standalone PL


void list_file(list-name,file-name,file-type[,save-col,...])
list           list-name
string         file-name
string         file-type
expr           save-col


Saves a list to a specified location.
list-name specifies the list to save.

file-name specifies the name to save to. Whenever a file name is specified the extended file names are available. Be sure to give a complete file specification.

file-type specifies the type. Values can be:
File type File format
a[a][sc[q]]Text. [a] appends to text file. If [sc] is not specified, then all columns are stored as one text line. [sc] stores the file with columns separated by c. For example, "as," creates a new comma separated data file; "aas," appends to an existing file. Non-integer numerics will be written in scientific notation. [q] specifies q as the character column quote character. For example, "as,'" creates a new comma separated data file with character column data delimited by "'".
b[a]Binary. [a] appends to binary file. Maintains list's column structure, but loses column names.
j[b][h][n][p][o][r]Text, JSON format. list consists of "name:value" pairs stored as two columns (any additional columns are ignored). If "value" is an array of items, then it must be a one column list of zero or more items. If "value" is an object, then it is a two column list of "name:value" pairs. This is the default behavior (same as specifying p).

If b is specified, then integer values are mapped to boolean.

If h is specified, then a head: portion is added.

If n is specified, then a column name: portion is added.

If o is specified, then object "{}" layout is prioritized over array "[]" layout.

If r is specified, then the data: portion is omitted. This option is ignored if p is specified.

s[n]Shared memory. [n] allocates a new shared memory segment.
x[d]Text, XML format. Maintains list's column structure and column names as well as recursive list structures. [d] stores only the data as text file in XML format.
save-col (optional) specifies the columns to save. Column numbers can be any expression that evaluates to either an integer or a char string containing space-delimited integers or any combination of these. The default is all columns.


To use the shared list option, the TRIM_SHM_FILE environment variable must point to a valid file-name. Also, when using the shared list option, save-col is ignored; in other words, all columns are stored.

If you use the "?a" append option, the first list_file() call must not have the append option.

Columns whose width has been set to zero via list_colwid() will not be exported by default. The save-col option must be used to specify the columns in this case.


Saves the parts list for later use.
Prints part descriptions.