Executes the window's record trigger.

Available in:

Apps (win) Apps (char) Reportwriter RPC Standalone PL


ret_value record_exec([parm[0][,parm[1][,...]]])


A window can have a record trigger where record-oriented activities can be centralized. For example, a navigation key trigger could call the record trigger to make sure that the record is complete before allowing the user to move off the current record.

The function can return any data type, or it can return void, depending on how the record trigger has been coded.

parm[n] (optional) paramaters.


Check the record trigger before allowing the user to move to another record.
   if (G.modified) if (record_exec(PEV_UPDATE)) break;
   edit_win(p.wl,edt_forward,false);	/* Down arrow (forward one record)*/
   if (child) window(child,query);	/* query children (if any)        */