Sends a signal to the DVSlave process.

Available in:

Apps (win) Apps (char) Reportwriter RPC Standalone PL


void signal_client(port)
int                port


Sends a signal to the DVslave process. If DVslave is started with the -L[port] option, then sending a signal to that port returns a WM_USER+998 event. If [port] is not given, then the listening port is DVslave's port + 1.


Using the main trigger of an application,
int          update_error;             /* update trigger error flag      */
int          changed;                  /* global change flag             */
char         input_var[256];           /* input variable                 */
char         query_buf[128];           /* for expanded queries           */

trigger      test = { signal_client(1959); };

error_trap({ status(-1,parm.0); bell(); }); /* set error trap     */

key_set(key_any,{ status(-1,"Current version: " ^^ g.version); });


window(0,open|run|close);              /* Start at first window          */
Any time a signal 10 is received, the application will send a signal to the DVslave process on port 1959. The application will then receive an event WM_USER+998.