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Partner Solutions

Trifox currently supports a variety of companies and their products:

[*] GolfAntix

GolfAntix™ uses DesignVision's development products to create its cellphone based golf game improvement products. The products provide a systematic method of tracking the user's golf game and suggesting where improvements can be made. The user's data can be backed up to a central server and restored at any time. The data on the server can be mined for general trends and statistics.

[*] Lucent Technologies

Lucent's Intelligent Network Statistics System (INStats) uses VORTEX JDBC to manipulate an Infomix database from within a Java Virtual machine. The INStats system collects call statistics and provides a Web based GUI interface for running reports on unrated call data. The system is primarily used by network operators and their customers to monitor and manage network facilities and generate reports which can be consumed by marketing organizations to guage the effectiveness of marketing activities.

[*] Sybase

The Replication Server synchronizes replicate copies of data on heterogeneous platforms throughout a client/server network. It furnishes the highest online transaction processing (OLTP) performance, while letting users eliminate the inherent conflict between OLTP and decision-support performance.

[*] Software AG

Premier offering NATURAL, an application development solution, is available on many operating systems.

[*] Synergex

If you are using Synergex' ODBC driver you can use one reportwriter -- TRIMqmr -- regardless of your target database or platform.

[*] Persistence Software

Pioneers of the realm of object/relational environment provide Persistence, a mediator for building high performance applications based around a notion they call "live object caching."

[*] Marconi Communications

Marconi Communications (formerly Fore Systems) ForeView Foundation is a graphical end-to-end network management application for configuring, monitoring, and controlling a FORE Systems' ATM-switched network infrastructure.

[*] Openwave

This leading supplier, formerly Unwired Planet, provides open standards-based servers and microbrowsers to the wireless industry.

[*] IMI

Pushing the envelope of traditional supply-chain management capabilities, System ESS features pull-driven, customer-demand-requirements model that manages the flow of information from the customer back through the manufacturing enterprise.

[*] DataAspects Corp.

DataAspects' solution for the chemistry industry, the Chemical Information System displays text, images, and chemical structures in a platform-independent interface from low-end 386 computers to high-end workstations.

[*] AcuCorp

The makers of Acucubol offer a family of products developed with the underlying philosophy of open systems COBOL development across diverse hardware and software environments.

[*] Novell SQL Integrator

SQL Integrator, created by B2 Systems supports organizations that must swiftly and easily combine its most important resources -- its data -- with standard application (Java) and user interface (web browser) standards.

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