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Accessing large amounts of data quickly is important. Being able to quickly process, manipulate and transform data quickly is even better. Our TRIMpl script language helps you to do all of this and more.

TRIMpl is similar to C with extensions to efficiently manipulate bulk data, whether from databases or flat files. TRIMpl can be used in standalone scripts or with our DesignVision product to help you easily and quickly create and maintain applications and reports.

VORTEX supplies the efficient database access used by TRIMpl. VORTEX also supports a wide variety of other data access methods including C and COBOL embedded SQL precompilers, JDBC, ODBC and a C++ class library.

VORTEX includes its own networking method designed to minimize network traffic. Commands and data are combined to reduce round trips.

Trifox, Inc. was founded in 1984 to focus on developing powerful data manipulation tools. And we have been doing exactly that ever since.

[*] Large Object support
LOBs are now supported with TRIMpl via a new datatype "glob". Please refer to glob_util for details. Glob variables can also be used in SQL statements as input parameters, e.g. insert & update statements, as well as returned into list variables.

[*] Log4j
Log4j is not used by any Trifox products.

[*] TRIMpl
New list function list_group returns a set of current row list columns as a group.

SSL communication is now part of VortexNet. TLS 1.1 and above are supported.

Regular expression processing is available with the regexp function! Also take a look at list_copy2, an enhanced version of list_copy. List_copy2 includes column number and code parameters to simplify complex list manipulations.

[*] DesignVision
Finally, someone is making good on that old promise of "write once, run everywhere." DesignVision's 4GL scripting language TRIMpl provides high-performance data manipulation capabilities on a wide variety of platforms.

DesignVision's client is available as thin-client and standalone Win32 and WPF. HTML5 is also available for easy browser support.

Member of PartnerWorld for Developers


[*]Is your data trapped?
VORTEX GENESIS provides SQL access to many legacy flat file databases, such as Synergex, OpenVMS RMS, Micro Focus EXTFH and more.

[*]In-memory database
In addition to file-based databases, GENESIS TRIMpl gives you an in-memory database option. In-memory databases can be local per connection or shared among multiple users.

[*]Get the answer faster
Why does your application work great in the lab but bogs down in the field? Perhaps it is wasting DBMS and system resources. VORTEXaccelerator can help you scale your applications to support hundreds of concurrent connections.

[*]Free Downloads
To get the many benefits of multi-tier systems, organizations need an infrastructure that facilitates cross-platform communication between and among objects. You need VORTEX.

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