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Using VORTEX with Informix Databases

I'm having trouble with the column header "deptnumb" when using VORTEXperl. Can you help?
Informix always returns column headers as lower case. This fails the if statement in the test case:
        if (($desc->{'name'} eq "DEPTNUMB") ||
Change it to
        if (($desc->{'name'} eq "DEPTNUMB") ||
            ($desc->{'name'} eq "deptnumb")) {

I am having a problem with locks when two clients perform a read one after the other.
It is not obvious that the users have read locks. The command, SET LOCK MODE TO WAIT, simply means that the process should wait if it encounters a locked record. SET ISOLATION TO REPEATABLE READ in addition to SET LOCK MODE TO WAIT, for example might better accomplish what you want.

If I have both Informix CLI and DB/2 CLI on Unix, and I am willing to build two separate Naturals, what would I use for my local connect strings ?
In the scenario you have INFORMIX:stores7 and DB2:IBMSAMPL, which would use the databases as you have traditionally used them, and ODBC:database, which requires an ODBC admin on Unix so that database (datasource) would correctly point to the specific database.

The connect string will be ODBC:
In the case of DB2 the connect string is ODBC:database
In the case of ADABAS D the connect string is ODBC:hostname:database

I am using VORTEXperl to connect to an Informix database using the VORTEXodbc driver. I cannot get all the environment variables to set correctly.
The environment variables need to be in one long string:
if ($db->dbConnect("mysite.company.com",1958,
                  "INFORMIXDIR=/usr/informix,INFORMIXSERVER=togo,ODBCHOME=/usr/informix/cli,odbc=/usr/informix/cli,ONCONFIG=onconfig.togo")) {

Does VORTEX support Informix 7.3? There is nothing about it in the readme file.
Yes, on Unix systems the tdb5_73.o file can be linked into your vtxhost.inf proxy. For NT, simply copy vtx5_73.dll to vtx5.dll. For other OSs, refer to the instructions in the VORTEX Installation and Use manual.

Why do I get an SQLException when I do any DML modification statements. Queries work fine.
Your database may have been created or is running without transaction logging. Our driver automatically does a commit when you release (destroy the connection). Take a look at your database configuration.

The blob data types still do not work with our sample application on NT. So I tried one of Trifox blob test program and I get the following error - ERROR: cannot write blob offset 39
As before, this is not our error message, it is coming from Informix. I tested this driver using Unix and it works. There is something different about NT which is not described in any of the manuals.

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