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Working on an MVS System

What is the right job to start on MVS (VTXNETD or VTX0STC) to enable the Vortex server ?


We need some TRIMpl samples running on AIX and accessing an Oracle database on MVS via the VORTEX. Can you give us documentation reference or please send us some samples ?

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The DBA is concerned about there system integrity and security and so on. The VTXOPER with supervisior status could theoretically damage the whole system if it contains any overseen errors or the like. Comments?

VTXOPER sets the address of of the Command string in Register 1 and then preform SVC Call 34 to execute it. You most be in Key 0 to execute SVC 34, so the MODSET macro is issued to switch to Key 0 perform the call, and issued again after the call to switch back to the users Key (which should be 8). The MODESET macro requires that the program be APF authorized.

We are using VORTEX on MVS Open Edition with an Adabas database. VTXNETD starts a job when a request arrives (for Example V000010). This Job executes then the SQL process. This Jobs (V000010) do not complete.

When your JDBC applications finish, are you calling the close() method on the connection? If you are simply exiting, MVS may not be getting a signal that the socket it closing and so the job will continue to listen for requests.

When the time limit specified in the VTXNETD job ("-t60") is exceeded by the "spawned" processes, the spawned jobs blow-up (boof) in a very nasty way.

The first thing the spawned process does is to 'take' the socket that the daemon 'gave'. If the spawned process cannot 'take' the socket it will report this error. The boof probably occurs before the spawned process actually get control.

I just ran without authentication on MVS and it works!

If you take out the -a switch in VTXNETD job, then you must hardcode the userid and passord in the skelton job. It must be a valid job card and should not containthe / <- MUST HAVE THIS.

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