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Testing Thread Safety for ODBC

We have verified that VORTEXodbc is a Thread Safe ODBC Driver!

You can run the following test to confirm this yourself against ESQ.

  1. Install the lastest VORTEXodbc driver onto Windows and configure a datasource to point to ESQ on MVS. For example: DSN=ESQMVS.

    connect string for ESQ on MVS

  2. Start up the threaded version of the VORTEXserver (VTXNETD).

  3. Connect multiple clients to the VORTEXserver either local or remote and connect them to VORTEXodbc. For example connect string:
    The following is an illustration of our test. It connects three TRIMqmr clients to the threaded version of VTXNETD on Windows. The threaded version of VTXNETD creates a thread for each incoming connection and then loads a copy of VTX11 to connect to the ODBC Driver manager as a threaded process. Each VORTEXodbc process is connected to the VTXNETD on MVS via VTX3.

    If you bring up the Task Manager you should only see the three TRIMqmr processes and VTXNETD running. The same test when run with the non threaded VTXNET2 will reveal three TRIMqmr processes, three VTX11 processes and VTXNET2.

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