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Using TRIMreport

We currently use TRIMreport on HP-UX 9.04 and are converting their application to a Windows95 environment. Do you have any tools that automatically convert their existing reports to this platform. The database will eventually be Oracle 7.3 on a HP-UX 10.2 server.
TRIMreport runs on Windows, OpenVMS, a variety in Unix platforms including Linux, etc... There is no need to migrate anything. The customer simply needs to purchase a Win95 release of TRIMreport. If they use VORTEXnet, then they don't even need SQL*NET on the Windows machines.

I'm migrating to new clients, which will be Win95 with SQL*Net. So if my customer purchases the TRIMreport for Win95, they will be able to run the reports as they are, without any modification? Are they recompiled?
No modifications at all. Even reports written in 1989 can be run using our latest GUI tools. They will need to TRIMgen the report definition files on WIN95 to create the correct .run files.

I need to create a flat file which is then going to be uucp'd to our payroll company for merging with information they have and then forwarded to our 401k plan administration company... thus, it can't have any pagination or formatting other than their spec. So, how would I do this in Trimtools?
There are several ways (as usual!). Using TRIMreport, create the report page as length 999 and width 999. Then run the report using the "-f" flag to not use any formfeed. Another method is to use a TRIMpl script, building all the information you need into a list and then using list_file() with the ascii option.

Does TRIMreport work with HP/UX ?
We know it works with 10.10 and 10.20. We currently build our products (7/97) on 9.x.

Is TRIMreport year 2000-compliant?
TRIMreport maintains YYYY internally, but depending on the format masks used the century portion might not be shown.

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