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Syntax and Programming with VORTEXc

I have my C program all pre-compiled, compiled and linked now. With the debugger, I'm stepping through the C code generated by the precompiler. When I hit the routine VTXCONN, SQLCA.SQLCODE comes back with a -1. Is there any way to determine what's the cause of this error?
Look at SQLCA.SQLERRM.SQLERRMC, this has the error message. If it is truncated (some DBMSs are very verbose), you can do VTXGEEM(0,buf,sizeof(buf)); and the entire message will be in buf (SQLERRMC is limited to 70 bytes).
I am using VORTEXc with Oracle and am having trouble doing a SELECT where the WHERE clause contains a test against a character field.
Our default char type is 1 (the original Oracle char type). Oracle automatically trims trailing blanks for this type. If your character field contains trailing blanks you will never get a hit.

You might need to change the default char type to 96. Add the following anywhere after the connect:

If I want to use the array interface, is there a limit on the number of records (record_cnt) sent or the length (record_len) that I should consider while executing VTXEXEC for Oracle and Informix. I looked in the documentation for Oracle, but could not find any yet.
For Oracle the record_cnt limit is 32767; there is no limit in Informix.

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