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Documents for Download

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these files. You can get the latest version of Adobe's Acrobat from Adobe's Acrobat page.

The following documents are available:


VORTEX Installation and Operations Manual
This manual currently contains installation and operations instructions for VORTEX on OS/390, Unix, OpenVMS, and Windows. It also incorporates all relevant documentation from the deprecated Trifox Resource Manual including troubleshooting procedures, format masks, initialization file, and environment variables. Latest update updates VORTEX_API_LOGOPTS/VORTEX_HOST_LOGOPTS definitions.
Date: 30 Jun 20

VORTEXaccelerator Users Guide
VORTEXaccelerator is a transaction monitor and accelerator that improves performance and resource consumption for VORTEX applications. This guide explains how to use the product. Latest updates corrects log file naming.
Date: 9 November 2015

VORTEXc Precompiler Reference Manual
This document describes how to start and use the VORTEXc precompiler. Latest update includes timestamp host variable definition.
Date: 04 Nov 11

VORTEXcobol Precompiler Reference Manual
VORTEXcobol allows applications written in COBOL to use embedded SQL and take advantage of the services provided by VORTEX products. This manual describes procedures for and issues relating to using the precompiler. Includes documentation for managing concurrent connections. Latest update reflects new -copy option for copy libs.
Date: 23 Sep 05

VORTEX++ Reference Manual
This document describes the VORTEX++ (thin class library) classes in detail for programmers. Latest update includes new dbNumber methods for eight byte integers
Date: 16 Jan 16

VORTEXcli (Call Level Interface) Reference Manual
This document is a reference of function calls and utility routines for the Call Level Interface (CLI). Latest update adds TDB_CMD_GET_CON_ATTR VTXCMD option.
Date: 28 Aug 18

VORTEXperl Reference Manual
This document describes the VORTEXperl (thin perl layer) and its methods in detail for programmers.
Date: 19 May 00

VORTEXsql Users Guide
VORTEXsql provides an interactive SQL command processor. Latest update adds /e error handling command.
Date: 26 Oct 18


TRIMreport Users Guide
This guide explains how to use TRIMreport, Trifox's report writer, to retrieve information and create reports from data in relational databases.
Date: 10 Nov 98

TRIMqmr Users Guide
This guide explains how to use TRIMqmr, Trifox's query manager and report writer, to retrieve information and create reports from data in relational databases.
Date: 13 Jan 99

TRIMpl Function Reference
This document describes TRIMpl, Trifox's programming language function by function. (version
Date: 06 Dec 16
online version

DesignVision Users Guide
This manual covers design suggestions and programming rules for the interactive DesignVision builder, as well as the data dictionary. It includes a comprehensive tutorial and a complete index of all terms introduced and discussed. Updated information about Graphic Lists, including more intuitive element names and enhanced information about graphic list ID elements.Latest update describes symbolic text.
Date: 17 Mar 23


GENESISsql Users Guide
This guide explains how to use GENESIS, Trifox's SQL processor for low-level data sources, including Synergex SDMS, Open VMS RMS and other data. It includes information on messages and codes for generic and database-specific errors. Latest udpate adds SET OPTION TIMEOUT_FETCH definition.
Date: 07 Jun 23

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