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VORTEXJava™ Edition


Java applications and relational databases with platform independence and automatic detection of UNICODE servers are now available.

VORTEXJava™ Edition provides a pure Java connection for Java applications to access all leading relational and legacy databases via the VORTEX database access and performance boosters, like VORTEXaccelerator, the industry-leading high performance transaction process monitor.

VORTEXJava™ Edition reads and writes data directly to and from TCP/IP socket stream protocols which:

  • Eliminates the need for any native methods on the client side.
  • Provides the best possible security and ensures compatibility with any Java client, including the Java OS and Java-based network computers.
Servers that are currently supported include: Windows, Unix, OpenVMS and MVS.

VORTEXJava™ Edition minimizes network traffic thereby improving performance, with the following advanced features:

  • Cursor caching -- Client side cursors are automatically cached, reducing actual interactions between the Java client and the RDBMS server.
  • Bulk operations -- SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE requests operate on multiple records in a single network transaction.
We also offer a JDBC version of the access method.

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