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JDBC Issues with VORTEX

I cannot get any date before 1970 returned from my VORTEXjdbc application. I am running JDK 1.02.
The reason that it does not work is that JDK 1.02 Date is limited to the following range:
Thu Dec 31 00:00:00 PST 2037
Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 PST 1970

That's all there is.

I'm evaluating VORTEXjdbc to use with Entire SQL Server (ESQ). Can you help me with a correct URL Example for ESQ? The Name for my ESQ server is "TOURS" on Node "HPDS2". VTXNETD is listing on port 1958. The login and password is TEST/TEST.
If vtxnetd is started in a shell that has all the ESQ environment variables defined, the you do not need to send them. Otherwise, you can specify them in the connect string, for example
You can specify as many as you need, comma separated. In addition, you may need to specify the path to "VTX9" unless it is in vtxnetd's PATH.

We need JDBC for Ingres on Unix/Solaris and JDBC for Oracle/Sybase/Informix for Windows. Can you help?
We have this stuff. The VORTEXjdbc product page explains what you need and how to get it for evaluation.

Someone recommended your JDBC driver. My question is which driver(s) do I need, do I need drivers for Linux, for Oracle (under OpenVMS) or both?
For Linux you need the VORTEXJava. For OpenVMS, you need VORTEXserver (evalaxp.exe for Alpha). Evaluations for both of these products are available from our FTP site, following the links specified.

I'm working on an application in which there is a need to access an OpenVMS AXP Rdb database. I'd like to access it through JDBC. Do you provide a product which allows this type of connection: java->jdbc->odbc->axp rdb?
You can either do java -> axp/rdb or jdbc -> axp/rdb No ODBC is required, VORTEXjdbc and VORTEXjava both connect directly to the VORTEXserver process via sockets. In fact, VORTEXjdbc uses VORTEXjava.

I am tried to compile vortexjdbc.java file from the sample directory with some changes like user/password, host, and so on. I keep getting an error error that says vortex.sql.vortexdriver class not found.
Make sure that your CLASSPATH includes the directory where you installed the VORTEXjdbc classes.

I am interested in obtaining additional information on your JDBC driver. The question I have is how does the driver speak to an Informix, for example, database? And how do you authenticate users?
VORTEXjdbc connects to VORTEXserver on the DBMS system directory through the TCP/IP socket. On the DBMS system, VORTEXserver used the Informix ESQL interface.

VORTEXserver has an authentication feature which takes the uid/pwd of the connecting user and uses that to setuid to the correct uid/pwd.

I tried a lot other combinations of URLs and often the following message appears: java.sql.SQLException : Invalid port in URL. I have the port set in /etc/services.
Even though the port number is set in /etc/services, Java will not look there. The port number must be embedded in the URL or specified in the info object.

I don't see the getBlob() method in the 1.0.2 JDBC documentation, I am currently doing a getBytes() call to fetch the blob. Also, why do I have to fetch the blob length, the getBytes call returns a byte array sized to the size of the blob.
We have two products, VORTEX Java Edition and VORTEXjdbc. VORTEXjdbc is what is described in the JDBC documentation. VORTEX Java Edition is a Java class library that avoids all the extra JDBC overhead inherent in the specification. VORTEXjdbc is built on top of VORTEX Java Edition. Since your are using JDBC, then you need not concern yourself with getBlob(), etc... These are VORTEX Java Edition methods that VORTEXjdbc uses to handle the JDBC getBytes() call.

We have tried a test with a server process we have written running multiple threads, requiring several connections at a time. To limit delays in busy situations we pre-allocated them. So for example, we started 20 database connections in the server. We noticed that when the server is closed, the VTX8 processes do not go away. Have you any plans to make them tidy up better?
You stopped the server? In this case, the VTX8 processes are waiting on the client to do something, not on the database. Since the client has not done anything, the vtxhost process is not notified that the server is down. Of course, as soon as the client tries anything, the VTX8 process will report an error.

It looks as if we are getting blocked on acquiring resources from JDBC. The server hangs. Are you safely multi-threaded in this situation? Funnily enough, if we start a similar test, but the server doesn't have spare connections, we seem to work, but of course the server is spending much more time opening more connections on the fly. This results in very slow average responses to the clients of the server (tens of seconds, instead of sub-second).
Please be certain that you have downloaded the lastest release of VORTEXjdbc. Early JDK 1.1 versions had some multi-threading problems but these have all been resolved.

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