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In-Memory TRIMpl List Driver


[*] Introduction
[*] How to Get the Driver
[*] More Reading


The GENESIS List driver uses TRIMpl lists to create a very high performance SQL in-memory database. The database can be built in several ways. You can load the GENESIS catalog and TRIMpl lists into shared memory for a read-only shared memory database. You can store the GENESIS catalog and tables in files which are read during connection. Or you can create a completely dynamic database by simply specifying memory as the data source filename. This last option is very useful for doing complex list manipulation using familiar SQL statements without having to first create the GENESIS catalog.

Included with the driver is a GENESIS dictionary maintenance utility, gds9init. GENESIS relies upon six dictionary tables to keep track of the TRIMpl list formats.

How To Get the GENESIS TRIMpl List driver

To obtain your evaluation, go to our Evaluation page and choose Vortex.

More Reading

Please refer to the GENESIS Users Guide.

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