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TRIMqmr is a powerful query and reporting tool that lets you access the information you need, regardless of your experience with relational databases. With TRIMqmr you can produce management-quality reports effectively and efficiently.

[Across Report]
Using QBE you can format
a report in minutes.

The choice of two query facilities maximizes productivity: If you are new to relational databases, the on-screen Query-By-Example (QBE) lets you complete database tasks in minutes, and can teach you SQL at the same time. If you are already familiar with SQL, TRIMqmr's on-screen facilities gives you the full power of your database. With either approach TRIMqmr requires limited database interaction and produces many reports from a query that you execute only once.

TRIMqmr lets you produce reports the way you want them. By completing a simple report layout form, you can create many different reports, modify existing reports, and save them for later use. TRIMqmr allows you to test your report on-screen with real data, so reports can be thoroughly reviewed before printing and presenting it to others.

[Across Report]
The across report that results from the form specified above.


 »  On-screen data definition.
 »  On-screen data formatting.
 »  Default report layout from database dictionary.
 »  On-screen formatting of headers, footers.
 »  Menu-driven commands for breaks, sub-totals, totals.

More Reading

See the Documentation for Download page for the TRIMqmr User Guide.

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