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TRIMreport is a report writer that combines the ease and productivity of a 4GL with the power and control of a standard programming language to help you quickly build reports with any level of complexity.

TRIMreport is easy to use. Because the interactive screen painter lets you take a visual approach to laying out reports, the time between design concept and final report is reduced to a few keystrokes. You edit report designs by cutting and pasting database fields, on-screen text, headers, and footers. TRIMreport lets you verify your designs at any time with the on-screen report preview capability.

TRIMreport owes its flexibility and power to its integration with TRIMpl. A library of calls let you execute the default procedures provided with TRIMreport. In addition, you can customize procedures or write new ones and execute them dynamically at runtime. All code generated can be directly modified, and with the use of TRIMpl, the most complex functions can be accomplished.

TRIMreport allows seamless integration of reports and applications. TRIMreport reports can call and be called by Design-Vision-generated applications. Data can be passed from one to another, providing users the ability to call forms to query the database and pass the relevant data to a report without any additional programming required.


 »  Screen Design:

  • WYSIWYG screen painter
  • On-screen data definition
  • On-screen data formatting
  • On-screen formatting of headers, footers
  • Default report layout from database dictionary
  • Menu-driven commands for breaks, sub-totals, totals
  • All reports in modifiable code

 »  Advanced Programming:

  • Complete programming language (TRIMpl)
  • Callable class libraries
  • Reusable functions
  • Other TRIMreport forms or TRIMapp reports callable
  • Multiple trigger points can be defined for calculations
  • Data transferrable between multiple applications
  • Interactive symbolic debugger

 »  List Objects:

  • List with data/and or functions
  • Built-in list functions included for views, select items, sort, copy, and merge
  • Lists accessible by multiple applications

More Reading

See the Documentation for Download page for the TRIMreport Users Guide.

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