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TRIMqmr Issues

Is there a beginners guide like "How to setup TRIMqmr and VORTEX"?
We have an installation manual for all most of products. Phone and email support is available to help you get connected and functioning, even for evaluations. See for our guarantee.

Is a TRIMqmr Reference Guide available?
The latest TRIMqmr User's Guide contains all the information formerly in the reference manual, as well as updated exercises and examples.

I want to be execute two separate SQL lines in one query. Do you know the syntax to do the following?
 drop table;               <-----  the semicolon is giving me an error
 create table michelle1
 as select
 from prod_table

You need to use a procedure. Save your queries to the DBMS and run them:

run michelle_drop
run michelle_create
assuming that you saved both of these queries in the DBMS.

No matter what I do, I always get an error starting up TRIMqmr telling me that it cannot find the vt220-80.key file and to run getkey. Why?
This shows up every couple of versions of the VMS DECC C RTL. You should call your DEC rep for a patch. For example, on VAX VMS 6.12, the patch was ftp://ftp.service.digital.com/public/vms/vax/v6.1/vaxacrt05_061.a-dcx_vaxexe In the meantime, you could copy the key file you want to use (most likely vt220-80.key) into your directory and call it user.key where user is your OpenVMS login name.

Two users are having a problem with QUERIES and FORMS. When I ran the QUERIES with a default form they worked, but when I displayed the FORM first and then ran the QUERIES I got the following error: File error 28 TFIWRT
TRIMqmr uses temporary files to store query results that are too big for the default memory space allocated. File error 28 indicates that the disk has run out of space. One way to alleviate this is to increase the amount of memory storage used. This is done with the -v<n>/<m> option on the operating system command line:
trimqmr uid/pwd -v1024/128
The defaults are 1024/64 (do trimqmr -help to see this). By increasing the amount of memory used, you reduce the amount of disk space required.

Can I put the driver and the connect_string in an .ini file like the network_string? Currently I call TRIMqmr like this -- c:\trimqmr net:orausr/orapwd.

Is there a runtime version for Unix we can use for batch processing?

We have TRIMqmr ver, will it work with HPUX 10.20?
Yes, there is no inherent reason why it would not work. We have several HPUX 10.20 customers using our products.

I installed TRIMqmr but I'm not able to restore the correct user/group. Which user should be the owner ot the installation, (root?).
root is fine but you should probably use user bin, group bin.

If I try to call TRIMqmr with the option -k, it doesn't accept my command.
The key record files are created by
trimqmr -ofile
and are in binary format.

We use SET GLOBAL for setting variables in procedures, these variables are used in the header lines. TRIMqmr doesn't support this feature, is there a workaround?
At the moment, only four types of variables are allowed in the header/footer lines:
  • &n -- where n represents the first value in column n selected by the query (not neccesarily the nth column shown in the report).
  • &DATE - causes QMR to display the current date (year/month/day).
  • &TIME - causes QMR to display the current time (hour:minute).
  • &PAGE - causes QMR to display the current page number of the report.
Is the a switch to enable automatic key repeat?
Holding down the key should work fine. I just did it on our NT system without a problem. On NT you can also position the cursor with the mouse within any text area.

What do the options -vn/m and -bs mean?
-vn/m controls the size of the Data and Report buffers. When this product was created, memory was expensive and so we gave the user the ability to control the amount of memory used. When the amount of main memory, m*4kb, is used, the Data and Report buffers are "spilled" into virtual disk memory controlled by TRIMqmr. The only time the defaults should be modified is if you ever get an error "VM error: Tagged item $1 out of range ($2 overflow)". The $2 value will tell you Report or Data. You must then increase the 'n' parameter.

-bs controls the fetch buffer. Increasing it can improve performance by allowing more data rows to be fetched at one time.

Is there an option to format the &DATE variable in the German format DD.MM.YYYY ?
Not at the moment.

SET PRINTER "\\REQ00565\HP LaserJet IIIP" doesn't work, so it's impossible to use a network printer under NT.
You are correct. SET PRINTER LPT1: works only for local printers.

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