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General Questions

How do I get an evaluation copy of ...
Evaluation copies of our software are available from our FTP site. Simply click on the word "Download" in the menu on the left and respond to the brief questions.

I'm looking for a package to connect an MS SQL database to a Linux system using a c/c++ library, an SGI machine using a c/c++ library, and to connect any Web browser via JDBC to a database.
Our VORTEX products will do this for you. VORTEX++ is a C++ class library that accesses VORTEXserver, which connects to the various databases we support. VORTEXjdbc is a Type 3 driver. Check out the product list page for links to the product pages.

We want to use a 4GL tool to build applications that access an Ingres database both from local clients and via the Web. For Web access, we can assume only that clients have browser software. Is ODBC for Ingres on Unix/Solaris a good choice?
We do have an ODBC layer but experience shows that ODBC is overly complex for almost any application and therefore you pay a performance penalty. Other, more direct, connections are available with Trifox products.

I know this is a big ask, but what about Stored Procedures ? Any way to support procedure calls ?
We support stored procedures using our 4GL called PL/TRIM. It is DBMS independent, runs on all platforms from PCs to mainframes, and does much more than simply DBMS access. All of our client interfaces, including JDBC, call use it because it looks like just another DBMS data source.

Where is the documentation for your products?
All published documentation is listed in the online library and most of it available for download from our FTP site. These documents are generally compressed (gzipped) PostScript files, so you can print them. If you don't have access to a PostScript printer, we can make hardcopy manuals available for evaluation.

Well, what about support?
Aside from our guarantee that we fully support site evaluations, maintenance and bug support is included in all products' purchase price.

We need to migrate an MVS-based DB2 system to an HP/UX-based ORACLE system. The workstations run under Windows. Can you help?
TRIMqmr is functionally compatible with version 2 of IBM's QMF. The PROCs qnd SQL queries will be importable. We also have a native connection (via TCP/IP) from NT to MVS.

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